April 23, 2011 at 11:29 am

Sadly Pine Grove Is Closed.

With a heavy heart, I have to say that after 58 years of wonderful times with students, parents and teachers all working together Pine Grove Nursery School is now closed.

At Pine Grove, we believed that a child’s sense of self-worth provided the strongest foundation for growth. We wanted children to feel a sense of community with others in their lives by experiencing parents, children and teachers working together. By creating a warm and accepting environment, we hoped that our children would develop trust in others and feel the freedom to try out new ideas and actions.
We had a rich learning environment which gave a child many opportunities for social, emotional and physical growth. A skilled and sensitive staff encouraged each child to develop his or her own potential in surroundings scaled to children’s needs. Our children explored and experimented creatively with old and new concepts and materials. Through interaction with other children and adults, they learned to get along with others, to express their feelings, and to consider the feelings of other people.

Here’s what our parents said about us:

“Pine Grove does have something that other preschools do not have; truly dedicated teachers and parents.” C. T.

“I saw a unique mixture of patience and wisdom in the classrooms of Pine Grove. . . I saw our children work together, vote together, even theorize together and ready themselves for all that is in store” S. S.

“My children have always been made to feel completely special at Pine Grove. Pine Grove excels at developing and strengthening each child’s unique interests and personality.” C. M.

“Pine Grove is such as easy place to call home away from home. After all, my kids never wanted to go home, even after Splendid Day. Don’t take it personally if your kids never want to leave.“ J. P.


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